And I would of been so.. happy,





Katie 21, and husband Nick 23, knew before the wedding that Katie had terminal cancer but Nick vowed to marry the love of his life. With all her complications, Katie planned every part of her wedding and her dressed had to be altered many times due to the constant weight loss
Katie died 5 days after her wedding. To see a fragile woman dress as a bride with a beautiful smile makes you think… Happiness is always there within reach, no matter how long it lasts. Lets enjoy life and don’t live a complicated life. Life is too short.
Work as if it was your first day. Forgive as soon as possible. Love without boundaries. Laugh without control and never stop smiling. Please pray for those suffering from cancer.

Every time I see this post, I cry.

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this is so beautiful
Please don't go.. I want you so..: What do you do when the one who means the most to you, is the one who didn't show?


Thanks. For showing I mean’t nothing. For having the nerve to leave me like everyone does. You promised, you promised you wouldn’t.. Just another lie. I was so happy. I was taken to the hospital for some time, Lex and Bre visited me everyday. They were there when I was in pain and couldn’t stop…

Calling you right now babydoll